Ethics Training

Introduction to Ethics Workshop
Our senior adviser and professional trainer Simon Stokes provides an introduction to the increasing significance of ethics and social responsibility in business organizations: focusing on current business practices in particular. Providing today's managers with the vital concept of the growing importance of 'workplace ethics'.

Course Objective
Show that management understanding and adoption of a system of business ethics can produce significant practical benefits to the corporation.

Why is ethics important?
Today, around the world, ethics is being widely debated in private and in public. Ethics is now considered a serious management discipline with most business schools around the world now providing some form of ethics training.

The benefits of ethics in business
Formal workplace ethics programs help maintain a moral course for managers and workers: helping to cultivate strong teamwork and improved productivity. Ethics training in business helps support employee growth and meaning. And of course, ethics help to ensure that business policies are legal. Most importantly, an 'ethical' company will have strong trusted public image.

Practical application to business
Managing ethics in the workplace involves identifying and prioritizing values to guide behaviours in the organization, and establishing associated policies and procedures to ensure those behaviours are conducted. This is 'values management'. Values management is also highly important in other management practices: managing diversity, Total Quality Management (TQM) and strategic planning.

Workshop topics will include
What is Business Ethics? The role of a Code of Ethics. Ethics in the Workplace. Attention to Workplace Ethics. Are Business Ethics Serious? Management of Ethics: Tools. Myths About Business Ethics. Benefits of Managing Ethics. High Integrity Organization.

Key Benefit of Attending
Understand the issues involved in establishing, and benefiting from, improved workplace ethics policies, practices and programs.

Who Should Attend
All management and employees of multinational operations should attend an ethics awareness workshop once a year. Representatives of key supply chain associates such as distributors and suppliers should also be required to attend.

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