Fraud & corruption investigations
Combining detective skills with our understanding of business operations and financial management, we assist multinationals to prevent, detect or investigate fraud, employee corruption or other white-collar crime to protect their bottom line, reputation and regulatory integrity, as well as providing support for dispute resolution and other business crises.

Litigation support
Bringing to bear our extensive network of investigative sources and knowledge of public records systems in numerous jurisdictions, we assist law firms and corporations to discreetly gather evidence and to gain leverage in support of litigation and arbitration cases.

Forensic services
We manage forensic accounting and computer forensic assignments to collect intelligence and evidence and to underpin investigations into fraud and other losses. Our computer forensics associates draw upon a wealth of experience in criminal investigations and law enforcement.

Supply chain investigations
We conduct focused investigations and monitoring of the supply chain and analysis of the business model targeting risk scenarios such as employee kickbacks, vendor fraud and related business control weaknesses to reduce risk and prevent and minimize losses in the value chain.

Brand protection
We conduct investigations into theft and abuse of intellectual property in scenarios ranging from counterfeiting of goods to theft of proprietary data and other intellectual assets, as well as parallel imports and gray market scenarios. We take a fraud detective’s view of intellectual property losses, focusing on issues of collusion involving brand owners’ employees and outsiders.

Bad debt investigation
In addition to preventive investigations into the credit risks presented by suppliers, distributors and partners, we provide discreet inquiries into a wide range of debt scenarios ranging from problematic receivables to loan defaults and non performing loan portfolios, and the tracing of assets in support of parties involved in litigation and arbitration.

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