Due diligence
One of our core competences, we provide an in-depth, discreet investigative due diligence that highlights non-balance-sheet risks associated with people and companies. Profiling reputation, integrity and management capability is an absolute must in an environment where financial data is inadequate to take sound business decisions. Sometimes considered a “smell test” before large sums are spent on detailed financial valuations or financial due diligence, we unveil risks special to the location, risks that need to be addressed before an investment should proceed.

Financial due diligence
Our specialists can conduct comprehensive financial due diligence on joint venture partners, acquisition targets or other entities comprising a thorough review of market, financial and operational data to produce a detailed financial operational appraisal of the target firms.

Business intelligence
For companies sizing up the corporate landscape within an industrial sector or weighing up a specific rival, we provide a discreet and detailed information gathering service to facilitate critical decision-making based on accurate and up-to-date business intelligence.

Background checking
We provide tailor-made, cost-effective background screening programs targeting multiple parties, serving the needs of firms with networks of dealers, distributors, suppliers, agents or employees in sectors ranging from autos, pharma and consumer products to insurance and credit services. We conduct in-depth background profiling of companies and individuals.

Employment Application Tracking
A state-of-the-art cost-saving software tool for managing China recruitment needs, tracking employment applications and providing online applicant testing, is available to serve the needs of human resources departments of multinational companies in China .

Business control audits
Drawing on our substantial experience in the handling of fraud losses in the region, we conduct reviews of internal business controls to pinpoint the process weaknesses and security risks that may jeopardize profitability and reputation, and assist with measures to strengthen your defence.

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