Our services are built on a solid understanding of how business is run, internal and external, operational and financial, loopholes and disjoints in the control system, and on the experience of handling a wide range of industries and jurisdictions around the world. In delivering our solutions, we aim to balance high quality with a competitive price.

From due diligence and the discreet gathering of timely business intelligence, to the vetting of partners and the screening of employees, as well as overhauls of internal business controls and procedures, ChinaWhys provides a comprehensive suite of preventive risk management services.

In the world of risk, the choice of emphasis between preventive and reactive measures is a balancing act. Where trouble has struck, ChinaWhys provides a range of responses to critical business issues, from fraud and corruption investigations forensic services and evidence gathering, to bad debt investigations and brand protection services.

Trademark Protection
The number of new trademark applications in China has risen dramatically to almost 700,000 a year. Up to 12% are "bad faith" applications where pirates maliciously register trademarks imitating known brands. The authorities are unable to check all of the applications properly and prevent abuse. ChinaWhys and associates can help protect your trademarks against bad-faith registrants through monitoring incoming trademark applications, intelligent counter-strategies, interaction with trademark offices, and the blocking of rogue applications.

Interim Management & Turnaround
In China’s business environment and in times of economic difficulty, the unexpected can happen and internal resources may not always be adequate to meet the new management challenges of a difficult stage in the business. We have a pool of seasoned executives available with many years of experience to step in as interim managers in challenging situations.

Our risk management services are complemented through in-house expertise and through our associates with extensive advisory capabilities from market entry support, investment analysis and corporate formation to tax crisis resolution and public relations.

We provide a range of training workshops for multinational operations in China ranging from ethics awareness seminars to promote ethical behaviour in the workplace, to corporate governance training covering issues such as Sarbanes Oxley.

ChinaWhys and associates support our clients' security requirements preventively or in times of crisis, with security consulting, threat assessment and emergency planning, crisis management and dispute resolution services. Through our partners we offer the secure management of paper and electronic records.

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