Amidst the relentless globalization of manufacturing and trade and services, with vast quantities of goods, services and money changing hands across international borders, the ability to balance opportunity and cost, reward and risk, is a matter of survival.

Investigation is a vital tool to help identify, manage and reduce the risks. We advise companies to check partners thoroughly and win better deals by unveiling the true picture of acquisition targets, partners, suppliers, distributors and employees, in order to make sound judgments, determine their real reputation, capability and integrity. The most vital information is not in the public domain.

Investigation is required when companies become victims of fraud, bad deals or other crises. It helps to identify culprits, establish facts, purge rogue elements from the business and protect the company's reputation and bottom line. The objective is to mitigate risk, contain damage, and save money.

ChinaWhys consultants and investigators assist companies to connect the dots between people, companies, institutions, moments in time, transactions, events and places, to make sense out of the enigmas that often confront a multinational overseas.

Who needs investigative services?

  • Companies that have employees who have committed fraud
  • Companies or law firms gathering evidence of wrongdoing
  • Companies looking for partners in an unfamiliar environment
  • Companies establishing new suppliers amid a lack of transparency
  • Companies setting up distribution networks or sales channels
  • Companies that scent fraud among their vendors or distributors
  • Companies hiring senior managers with access to technology and funds
  • Companies whose intellectual property is as precious as the crown jewels
  • Companies in a hurry to make money in China
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